Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Letters from Soldiers

"Yes we would love to give these items out.
Send what you can and I will hand them out through various resources.

Thanks for your support!"

MSG Lorrie Nichols

I appreciate all of your efforts to support my platoon and the soldiers here. It is very helpful to have the soccer balls available for use to distribute to kids and teens here. There is one child who I still owe a couple balls to, I will try to remember to get a picture of him receiving the balls for your website. I did in fact get all 16 boxes about a month ago and gave them to a couple of the interpreters who have started soccer leagues in their home towns. We continue to receive boxes, if I ever get too many, I just pass the extra on to someone else here on the FOB who can use them.

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but we have been extremely busy with some things going on in sector. I continue to be impressed with the support offered by people back home. I have received care packages from people I do not even know. I truly do appreciate all of the support.

Thanks Again,

"I want to say what your doing is awesome. There are a million things that divide the Iraqi people and only one thing that brings them together. It is truly amazing but everyone in Iraq will come together for soccer. I know we could give out balls, short, and jerseys for sure. The other thing that I have always thought was we need to give them air pumps for the balls too. When we got here we found a storage closet full of book bags with school supplies and soccer balls the last unit left behind. We gave them all out in the first three months of our deployment. But for all those soccer balls we gave out we did not have any air pumps to give out. Its a little thing but might help."

SGT Gypsy Mur'Ray
...and in a later e-mail...."The kids loved the Balls and the Jerseys. Thank You!"