Sunday, November 26, 2006

Donations from Baltimore City Dept. of Recreation

WOW! What an incredible donation we received from Kay Overton and Gary Jackson from the Baltimore City Department of Recreation. Kay is the Facility Director at the William J. Myers Soccer Pavilion in Brooklyn, MD. Kay kindly let Nick set up a box at the in-door Soccer Pavilion for donations. Then on Nov. 16th Nick received a phone message from Kay informing him of a huge donation from Gary Jackson. Kay had the clothing and equipment brought to Myers Pavilion. Kay then helped Nick and I load up a truck full of donations on Friday 11-17-2006! What an exciting morning! Just after unloading the truck, we left with Virginia for Tennessee to welcome Eric home from Iraq!

Finally we have everything sorted out, counted up, and placed in boxes. We need to finish packing them up and then mail them. The list of donations is as follows:

Soccer shorts: 239, Jerseys: 186, T-Shirts: 101, Soccer balls: 17, Shin Guards: 18pr, Soccer Shoes: 1pr, Goalie Gloves: 3pr, Socks: 19pr, net bags: 2, as well as some miscellaneous items including a soccer hand held game & Chinese checkers.

Isn’t this remarkable? It took a day and a half just to sort and count everything! We filled 15 boxes! We are so grateful to Kay Overton and Gary Jackson for making this generous contribution to Eric’s Goal for the Iraqi children!

Friday, November 10, 2006

New pictures from Iraq!

Last night when I came home from work, a lovely surprise was waiting for me in my mailbox: not only was there a letter from Eric, but he has also enclosed several photos of some of the soccer teams that have been organized in his area! He told me that his interpreters, or 'terps' as they are called, have helped in handing out the eqiupment that we have been sending, and have had a big hand in getting these soccer teams organized.

Doesn't everyone look awesome in their uniforms?

Seeing these photos really has an impact on us back home here in the USA. We can see where the fruits of our labor are ending up. We can see where all the wonderful donations from so many amazing people are going. And we can see the smiles on the faces of the youngsters who are so happy to be receiving the things we are sending. It really reinforces our resolve to keep gathering and sending as many soccer balls and equipment as possible.

If these kids in this area are organizing soccer teams and leagues, just think of the ripple effect throughout Iraq when we start to ship soccer balls and equipment to various areas of the country! There are so many potential junior soccer teams out there! There are so many kids who can't wait to be on a team, can't wait to play soccer, can't wait to get the soccer ball that is meant just for them!

Thank you again to the many many people who have made it possible for these pictures to be taken. I hope your hearts are warmed when you see the good you are bringing to the children of Iraq.

WNAV 1430 Radio Annapolis Veterans Days Special

So today I was invited to the afternoon segment of the Veterans Day Special at our local radio station in Annapolis! It was wonderful! I got to meet a soldier who served in World War II, in the same unit that Eric is in now, and I got to meet a friendly General who was also visiting.

Jane Schlegel, the news director, interviewed me and we spoke about Eric being at war, the different things he has dealt with this past year, and the different ways that Eric's Goal is helping not only the Iraqi children, but also the American soldiers.

I directed the listeners to this blog (so "HI!" to anyone visiting from Annapolis!) and to the email address so hopefully we will get a good response from the Annapolis area.

It was a pleasure and a priveledge to be invited to the show and I was so proud to talk about Eric and Eric's Goal this Veterans Day!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nearing the Half Way Point!!!!!!!!!

We are nearing the ½ way point with a new total of 2,484 soccer balls!!! We have just purchased 324 soccer balls from Alice Clement at Sports Authority. We used the generous donations received from;

American Legion Kent Island Post #278
Operation Labor of Love
Kent Island Elks Lodge #2576
Customers of The Old Stevensville Barber Shop

The balls will be shipped to LT George Webb and LT Corey Steiner, two incredible soldiers currently serving our country in different areas of Iraq. Our thanks go out to George, Corey and their platoons for taking their own time to do something special for the Iraqi children!

Thanks again to all of our contributors! We couldn’t do this without you!!!!