Friday, November 10, 2006

New pictures from Iraq!

Last night when I came home from work, a lovely surprise was waiting for me in my mailbox: not only was there a letter from Eric, but he has also enclosed several photos of some of the soccer teams that have been organized in his area! He told me that his interpreters, or 'terps' as they are called, have helped in handing out the eqiupment that we have been sending, and have had a big hand in getting these soccer teams organized.

Doesn't everyone look awesome in their uniforms?

Seeing these photos really has an impact on us back home here in the USA. We can see where the fruits of our labor are ending up. We can see where all the wonderful donations from so many amazing people are going. And we can see the smiles on the faces of the youngsters who are so happy to be receiving the things we are sending. It really reinforces our resolve to keep gathering and sending as many soccer balls and equipment as possible.

If these kids in this area are organizing soccer teams and leagues, just think of the ripple effect throughout Iraq when we start to ship soccer balls and equipment to various areas of the country! There are so many potential junior soccer teams out there! There are so many kids who can't wait to be on a team, can't wait to play soccer, can't wait to get the soccer ball that is meant just for them!

Thank you again to the many many people who have made it possible for these pictures to be taken. I hope your hearts are warmed when you see the good you are bringing to the children of Iraq.

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