Friday, November 10, 2006

WNAV 1430 Radio Annapolis Veterans Days Special

So today I was invited to the afternoon segment of the Veterans Day Special at our local radio station in Annapolis! It was wonderful! I got to meet a soldier who served in World War II, in the same unit that Eric is in now, and I got to meet a friendly General who was also visiting.

Jane Schlegel, the news director, interviewed me and we spoke about Eric being at war, the different things he has dealt with this past year, and the different ways that Eric's Goal is helping not only the Iraqi children, but also the American soldiers.

I directed the listeners to this blog (so "HI!" to anyone visiting from Annapolis!) and to the email address so hopefully we will get a good response from the Annapolis area.

It was a pleasure and a priveledge to be invited to the show and I was so proud to talk about Eric and Eric's Goal this Veterans Day!

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