Sunday, September 20, 2009


Pete Noel has helped us all again this year by collecting more soccer balls and equipment. This time they will be sent to our military men and women in Africa for distribution to the children there. Many will go to kids in orphanages.

Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Pete Noel for meeting me to deliver the goods. And thank you to the Gray and Guenther families from Langhorne PA for their donations. Many children will enjoy the fruits of your labor! Just picture the smiles you are creating.

Above is a list of donated items provided by Pete Noel. Thank you again!


A few months ago I received an envelope in the mail addressed to me from the U.S. Army. I was not only surprised by the contents, but truly humbled. I found a Freedom Team Salute Certificate of Appreciation and a letter from General George W. Casey, Jr.!

I accept this wonderful salute on your behalf, in your honor. There would be no Eric's Goal without all of you who have collected, contributed, sorted and packed all of the donations we have received over the past few years.

An Army lapel pin was also enclosed and I wear this pin with pride as it was offered: "as a statement of our shared commitment to support America's Soldiers."

Thank you all for your generosity and kindness in supporting our American military and the children of this world. Together we can make a difference.


We have been most fortunate to have contact with some very amazing people. Col. Mike Mouri is one of them! He has taken the time to write a hand written thank you note for the soccer supplies we have sent to him. The donations have been given to children in orphanages located in the Horn of Africa. His note is copied her so than you may all know the appreciation of these children and of our military men and women.

Many thanks to Col. Mouri and his soldiers for all that they do on a daily basis.


What an honor to receive this certificate and these incredible letters. Our donations that have been shipped to Africa have been appreciated by many! The Operation Enduring Freedom Certificate of Appreciation above is for all who have contributed to Eric's Goal, as are the attached letters.

How humbling to have Col. Christopher G. Torelli and MSG John W. Capuzzzo take the time to write to us on Memorial Day. We do have an amazing military force that work daily to protect and serve and even go the extra mile to provide services to those less fortunate and then take the time to say thank you to us at home for our support.

Many thanks to our Special Operations Command in the Horn of Africa and to all of our military men and women!