Monday, November 24, 2008

Timberlane Middle School in Pennington, N.J. Collects for Eric's Goal!!!!!!!

Today we had the priviledge to meet Bill Russell, and to accept the donations collected by his 6th Grade class at Timberlane Middle School in Pennington, New Jersey!

And what a tremendous collection of donated items it is! Mr. Russell was proud to tell us how hard his students worked on this project, how enthusiastic they were, and how much interest and support they received from their school P.T.O. as
well as their community!

We applaud you all on a job well done! Special thanks to Mr. Bill Russell and his 6th Grade students for collecting the soccer balls, equipment and gear, for counting the items, packing them and loading everything into the rental van for delivery!

A huge thank you to Mr. Russell for not only organizing this drive, but also for driving the van from N.J. to MD. and back to N.J. again to deliver the donations on his day off!

Our thanks to the Timberlane Middle School P.T.O. for supplying the funds to rent the van for the delivery of the collection.

Above and below are photos of Timberlane Middle School's 6th Grade Class hard at work collecting and packing donations to send to the Iraqi children.

The students wrote messages on the soccer balls for the Iraqi kids!

Timberlane Middle School is part of the Hopewell Valley Regional School District in New Jersey.

The balls were deflated by the 6th Grade Class, then counted and packed into boxes ready for posting to our military men and women in Iraq.

The items collected by these 6th Grade students are in bold and italics.

496 Soccer Balls & 4 Pumps

281 Jerseys & 125 Shorts

90 pr of Shin Guards & 146 pr of Cleats

32 Ball Bags & 30 Pinnies

15 pr Goalie Gloves

70 Cones & 23 Back packs

This was the most organized drive we have ever received! The balls are deflated and almost all of the donated items are packed in boxes that are marked with the contents and ready to be mailed! You have saved us a tremendous amount of time and effort and we truly appreciate your hard work!

$523 for postage!

When our American soldiers receive the donations they will distribute them to the Iraqi children. Letters will be sent with each shipment telling our soldiers that these items were collected by Mr. Bill Russell's 6th Grade Class at Timberlane Middle School in Pennington, New Jersey!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Towson United Soccer Group Drive

This is the second annual soccer ball drive to support Eric's Goal by the Towson United Soccer Group. Last year they were known as the Towson Recreation
Council. This year the collection was headed by Barbara Amann.She and her husband, Steve, generously delivered their donations to us. Eric was here to thank them and accept the donations!
Ellie & Claire were Barbara's helpers during the drive!
Here are their totals:
77 soccer balls
6 pr cleats
1 mouth guard
1 team vest
8 pants
17 pr. socks
14 t-shirts
5 jerseys
2 shorts
Thank you Towson United Soccer Group, and especially Barbara Amann for continuing to collect for Eric's Goal! Your generous donations have already been sent to our soldiers for distribution to the Iraqi children. By Thanksgiving some of the soccer balls may already be in their hands!

Kathy & Mike Spurling

Thank you Kathy & Mike Spurling for your generous donation of 20 brand new soccer balls and 2 pumps! We received them and have forwarded them on to one of our soldiers in Iraq.

Our thanks and appreciation also to your son Eric who currently serves our nation! He has not only distributed soccer balls to the Iraqi children, but has given us another contact so that we may continue to send soccer balls to the area in which he worked.

May you enjoy Thanksgiving Day together!