Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mission Soccer Ball Update- WIVT/WBGH Newschannel34

We have received 370 additional soccer balls from Bob Giacalone purchased with donations received from his efforts with Mission Soccer Ball, in Binghamton, NY.

Mission Soccer Ball - WIVT/WBGH Newschannel34

Bob gave us a stack of Dick's Sporting Goods $5.00 coupons when we picked up the donations in New York. Today we were able to use them to purchase 13 pumps. The coupons brought the cost to under $10 for all of them!

We are packing up the soccer balls into smaller boxes for mailing to our soldiers in Iraq. We will send one pump to each of the 11 military personel we are shipping to.

Thanks to Ian Bilofsky's collection (see next post), we will be able to ship over 30 boxes out this week!

Thank you everyone for your continued support with Mission Soccer Ball!

Sam Schwartz' collection for the Iraqi children!!!!

Sam Schwartz is pictured above with the many donations he collected for his Bar Mitzvah project! We are so proud of Sam for finding such a selfless project that will benefit so many children in Iraq!

Below are Sam's totals:

Soccer Cleats/Shoes: 28 pair
Shin Guards: 9 pr
Socks: 26 pair
Shorts: 19
Shirts: 26
Soccer Balls: 5

Thank you Sam for giving your time and efforts to this project, from researching ideas to contacting our organization, to collecting donations, to delivering them to our door (with your Dad's help by driving of course!). You are a fine example of what our young Americans can be!

Congratulations on your Bar Mitzvah!

Updated totals 3/08/08
We received another box of donations from Sam and have added in the additional items above. Thanks again Sam!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

MISSION SOCCER BALL - Binghamton, New York

MISSION SOCCER BALL was headed by Jim Ehmke,News Director – CHANNEL 34 in Binghamton, NY
and Bob Giacalone (AKA Hockey Bob).
Their drive on April 24 & 25th brought in many soccer balls and equipment for the Iraqi children. See the amazing list below!

Soccer Balls – 391
Pennies – 251
Pumps – 17
Soccer Shoes – 14 pr
Shin Guards – 2 pr
Ankle Guards – 1 pr
Socks – 3 pr
Monetary Donations - $150.00

Many thanks to all who participated in Mission Soccer Ball! Your donations have been shipped in 20 boxes to American soldiers stationed in Iraq. They will be distributing all soccer donations to the Iraqi children for you.

A special thanks to Jim Ehmke, Channel 34 News Director, and his wonderful family, and to Bob & Marie Giacalone for their tremendous efforts. Bob has worked diligently throughout this drive and has promised another 350 soccer balls to be delivered directly to Eric’s Goal here in Baltimore, MD! Bob & Marie also helped to pack the boxes and write up customs forms. And Jim and his wife and son helped deflate the balls while his little daughter calmly watched everyone at their tasks, while seated in her stroller. Jim had everything set up for packing; a room, table, and even boxes.

Also a special thanks to Cookie Kopec, Shirley Crook and Jeanne Redifer who traveled to Binghamton, NY with me to pack up the donations, address them and write up custom forms for 20 boxes! Thanks to my husband Nick for taking the boxes to the post office on Monday and mailing them!

Our sincere thanks to Donna Lupardo, Binghamton Giant Market, Inc. in Johnson City and to Nancy Soderstrom for their monetary donations of $50.00 each which will help cover the fees for postage.

Three Cheers for this highly successful soccer ball drive in Binghamton, NY, and for the entire team for pulling it off successfully - and all for the Iraqi Children!