Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mission Soccer Ball Update- WIVT/WBGH Newschannel34

We have received 370 additional soccer balls from Bob Giacalone purchased with donations received from his efforts with Mission Soccer Ball, in Binghamton, NY.

Mission Soccer Ball - WIVT/WBGH Newschannel34

Bob gave us a stack of Dick's Sporting Goods $5.00 coupons when we picked up the donations in New York. Today we were able to use them to purchase 13 pumps. The coupons brought the cost to under $10 for all of them!

We are packing up the soccer balls into smaller boxes for mailing to our soldiers in Iraq. We will send one pump to each of the 11 military personel we are shipping to.

Thanks to Ian Bilofsky's collection (see next post), we will be able to ship over 30 boxes out this week!

Thank you everyone for your continued support with Mission Soccer Ball!

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