Friday, March 21, 2008

Channel 34, Binghamton, NY - *** Soccer Ball Drive ***

Eric's Goal has been chosen to partner with News Channel 34 in Binghamton, NY for a soccer ball drive for the Iraqi children! Please see the link below.

Our thanks to Jim Ehmke, News Director, and News Channel 34 for this great opportunity!

We will post an update after the drive!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Message from Andres on his return to the U.S.A.!

It was a great pleasure to receive a recent e-mail from our friend Andres! He is home from serving in Iraq and is enjoying spending time with family and friends. Below are a few photos of Andres. The first is Andres handing out soccer balls in Iraq, on his birthday!

Here is an excerpt from Andres e-mail, with a message to all of you:

"I wanted to forward you these pictures of me handing out soccer balls in Iraq. I have since returned to the United States and I am now looking forward to spending more time with my family. Handing out soccer balls and being a part of "Eric's Goal" gave me great pride within the last year. Thank you Trudy, and thank you to everyone who has contributed to "Eric's Goal" for your hard work, your thoughts, and your prayers."

Thank you Andres, we are so proud of you!!!!!!!

Monetary Donations make Shipping Possible

Our thanks to Mr. & Mrs Gordon Gehring, Bernard & Helen Kopec and Michelle & Rick Morsberger for contributing toward postage for sending the soccer goal nets to Captain Cunningham in Iraq. Your generosity eases the burden of covering the cost of postage in sending the 8 boxes (9 nets total) to our soldiers for the soccer goals they have built.

If anyone would like to make a donation, you may send checks (payable to Eric's Goal) to the following address:

Eric's Goal
4115 4th Street
Baltimore, MD 21225

This address will change in May 2008 to:

Eric's Goal
3160 Sandy Hook Road
Street, MD 21225

In appreciation for all who donate to this cause -
Eric's Goal staff

Saturday, March 08, 2008

MSF, Maryland SoccerPlex & Discovery Sports Center

As per the previous post, Captain Cunningham and his men have built a soccer field for the Iraqi children and they plan to build more! They have made goals but need the goal nets. Chaplain Englehardt contacted us asking if we could help. We sent out some e-mails and Trish Heffelfinger, Executive Director of MSF Maryland Soccer Plex & Discovery Sports Center, was kind enough to answer our plea requesting donations of used soccer nets to send to Iraq!

On Thursday we picked up 9 nets from Joseph Pietanza, III, Facility Manager at MD SoccerPlex! (See photo below for Joe with the donated nets). These will be packed up and sent to Iraq this week.

Many thanks to the Maryland Soccer Foundation, Maryland Soccer Plex and especially to Trish Heffelfinger for fulfilling this request and making this generous donation! We would also like to thank the staff for packing up the nets and loading them into the vehicle for us. The Iraqi children will truly appreciate these nets! And our soldiers will be grateful for your support of their project!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Message of Thanks

From one of the soldiers to whom we've sent soccer balls:

"Thanks so much for your email and for being willing to help us. Those soccer balls seem insignificant when you think about them, but, here in this country, where everyday life is hard, even for the kids, it's an amazing gift that they absolutely love. There's no telling how long of an impact small gestures like that have on children, many whose parents are openly hostile to American forces. It's something that, years down the line, the kids will hopefully remember about American Soldiers, and that might just make a huge difference. Kids love "football" here, and I can't tell you how many ask us for soccer balls wherever we stop. They are in high demand, and it makes my Soldiers feel good to give back in small ways. We are an engineer company, and have some construction equipment and operators, and have had the opportunity to level out one soccer field so far, and plan for several more in the near future. If you have a group willing to donate nets, we would certainly appreciate 3-4 pairs to use on those fields we have and plan to construct. Our mechanics have welded up several soccer goals, and we have seen how much the people here appreciate gifts like that.

Thanks so much for the help, we really appreciate it!

Captain John Cunningham"