Monday, March 30, 2009

Sending Soccer Balls to Ethiopia!!!!!

We have expanded our horizons and have begun shipping some of your donated soccer balls to Ethiopia and also to Afghanistan.

We were recently honored to receive the following letter from the Embassy of the United States of America, in Ethiopia!

Our continued thanks to all of you who have donated to Eric's Goal! You are making a positive difference in the lives of many children. We are grateful to each and every one of you.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank You to Tom Cruise in Iraq!!!!!

We received the following post card from non other than Tom Cruise - yes that is his real name! But this Tom Cruise is busy handing out soccer balls to the Iraqi children. Tom is with SAIF - Soccer for American Iraqi Friends! He has been handing out soccer balls for quite some time now. Recently we began sending your donations to him. See the post card below for comments from Tom.

Tom has also sent us photos he has taken with the Iraqi children and adults. We have posted them and Tom's comments here, with his permission. Enjoy!!!

"Two teenage boys late at night a few months ago who were very pleased to receive an unexpected gift! Soccer is their only sport and they love it so the balls really do spread cheer!
Shu kran jazeelan Tom"

"Just one photo of my soccer ball give-away program. This little boy was walking home about 7am with a bag of bread and when I stopped him he ran so fast to get the ball it was heart-warming to see his smile! It was a cold morning as you can see a few months ago. Thanks for your help. Tom Cruise"

"Everyone loves soccer balls and the adults all have children so they are pleased with a soccer ball too!
Ma salama Tom"

"Beanie Babies have been a big help for the little girls...and they are not allowed to play soccer so the babies are a great gift for them.

"I visit a prosthetics clinic often and give soccer balls to many people who lost limbs in explosions and the victims are seared into your heart and mind. Some might think this is wrong because they are missing limbs, but the fact is the advances in prosthetics have allowed many to still be able to carry on somewhat of a normal life and even play soccer so they lovethe balls even more than most because it shows they can still have a life in many ways. They all are asked first and I have never had anyone refuse and they allhave been very grateful of the soccer balls. Thanks again."

Many thanks to Tom Cruise and fellow members of SAIF. We admire all that you do!