Monday, October 27, 2008

Redeemer Classical Christian School, Kingsville, Maryland

Congratulations on a job well done by Redeemer Classical Christian School in Kingsville, Maryland! We received your generous donations via Mrs. Wendy Scarff. Below is a list of the items you collected thus far for the Iraqi children:

13 soccer balls
36 pr. soccer shoes
9 jerseys
8 tee shirts
8 pr. shorts
3 pr. pants
1 goalie shirt
12 pr. socks
7 pr. shin guards
8 cones

Imagine the number of children who will be smiling when they receive your contributions! We will be packing and shipping your articles shortly. The monetary donations will cover the postage to our American military men & women who have graciously offered to distribute your collection. By Thanksgiving the equipment should be in the hands of Iraqi children!
It is so refreshing to see young people who give of themselves to serve their community.
Thank you Redeemer Classical Christian School students and families! And a special thank you to a very special lady, Wendy Scarff , for organizing and initiating this drive!