Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ian Bilofsky's Bar Mitzvah Project

Ian Bilofsky's Bar Mitzvah is scheduled for June 21, 2008. We thank you Ian for choosing Eric's Goal for your project. Your efforts will help so many of the Iraqi children by providing soccer clothing, soccer balls & equipment, even coaching kits!

Thus far Ian has collected the following items:

Cones - 122
Coaching starter bags - 8 (each containing 10 sm. cones, 1 ball pump, 1 whistle, and a coaching and playing rule guide)
Nets - 2
Jerseys - 55
Soccer Balls - 10
Pinies - 5
Shorts - 11
Soccer t-shirts - 2
Soccer cleates - 2 pr
Socks - 17 pair
Shin Guards - 2 pr
Matching Medals - 39

Monetary Donations thus far, $831.00

The checks Ian has sent have already helped cover the postage costs of shipping donated items to Iraq. Often we have contributions but must wait for monetary donations in order to mail the packages.

We will be shipping over 30 boxes to Iraq this week, containing over 350 soccer balls for the Iraqi children. The donations you collected have made this possible!

Thank you Ian for all that you do! Congratulations on your Bar Mitzvah!