Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sam Schwartz' collection for the Iraqi children!!!!

Sam Schwartz is pictured above with the many donations he collected for his Bar Mitzvah project! We are so proud of Sam for finding such a selfless project that will benefit so many children in Iraq!

Below are Sam's totals:

Soccer Cleats/Shoes: 28 pair
Shin Guards: 9 pr
Socks: 26 pair
Shorts: 19
Shirts: 26
Soccer Balls: 5

Thank you Sam for giving your time and efforts to this project, from researching ideas to contacting our organization, to collecting donations, to delivering them to our door (with your Dad's help by driving of course!). You are a fine example of what our young Americans can be!

Congratulations on your Bar Mitzvah!

Updated totals 3/08/08
We received another box of donations from Sam and have added in the additional items above. Thanks again Sam!

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