Sunday, November 26, 2006

Donations from Baltimore City Dept. of Recreation

WOW! What an incredible donation we received from Kay Overton and Gary Jackson from the Baltimore City Department of Recreation. Kay is the Facility Director at the William J. Myers Soccer Pavilion in Brooklyn, MD. Kay kindly let Nick set up a box at the in-door Soccer Pavilion for donations. Then on Nov. 16th Nick received a phone message from Kay informing him of a huge donation from Gary Jackson. Kay had the clothing and equipment brought to Myers Pavilion. Kay then helped Nick and I load up a truck full of donations on Friday 11-17-2006! What an exciting morning! Just after unloading the truck, we left with Virginia for Tennessee to welcome Eric home from Iraq!

Finally we have everything sorted out, counted up, and placed in boxes. We need to finish packing them up and then mail them. The list of donations is as follows:

Soccer shorts: 239, Jerseys: 186, T-Shirts: 101, Soccer balls: 17, Shin Guards: 18pr, Soccer Shoes: 1pr, Goalie Gloves: 3pr, Socks: 19pr, net bags: 2, as well as some miscellaneous items including a soccer hand held game & Chinese checkers.

Isn’t this remarkable? It took a day and a half just to sort and count everything! We filled 15 boxes! We are so grateful to Kay Overton and Gary Jackson for making this generous contribution to Eric’s Goal for the Iraqi children!

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