Monday, May 01, 2006

Soccer balls keep on rolling in

Wonderful people continue to send soccer balls to Eric, who currently has several boxes of deflated balls waiting to be pumped up and distributed to local Iraqi children. (Nick & Trudy - mom and dad - are going to send him an electric pump to help with inflating all those balls.)

Including the 300 soccer balls collected by the folks at Elope in Colorado, we have collected a total of 1049 balls so far! This is really incredible and Eric and family extend our gratitude to all of those who have participated in this feat!

One challenge the family has faced with this drive is the money to ship the balls, it isn't cheap! But many friends and family members have chipped in with donations specifically meant to cover postage. And many folks have sent balls directly to Eric, which takes the burden off his parents & fiancee. Most recently we have to thank Eric's Aunt Betty & Uncle Gene, family friends Slyvia & Darl and Eric's grandparents, Mar & Dave who paid for shipping the Soccer Shack donations. Pictures of most of these people are posted at so check it out!

Thanks again and keep on sending in those soccer balls!

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