Friday, June 02, 2006

Gifts from the 4th Grade class at Bryn Mawr School

Today (May 31,2006) Ginny (Eric's fiancee) and I had the unique pleasure to meet with Mrs. Talley and her 4th Grade Class at Bryn Mawr School in Towson, MD. We were seated in front of these lovely little girls, all dressed in light green jumpers and white tops, and presented with 25 soccer balls, 2 pumps, a big paper check for $205.00, and a large blue envelope sealed with a pretty curled pink ribbon and filled with hand made cards for the troops! We were complimenting the girls on the envelope and telling them how this would remind the soldiers of their little sisters, daughters, etc. And one little one replied "Yes and maybe they can use the ribbon to tie something on their pack!" She was too cute! It was a pleasure to meet these sweet little girls.

Everyone we met at Bryn Mawr was friendly and supportive. Two of the teachers are going to speak with organizations in the Towson area of Baltimore about donating used equipment. One little girl asked if Eric would be receiving all of these soccer balls. We explained that yes, he would, but that many of the soldiers will be handing them out to the children. The students were so attentive. It was a wonderful experience. Below is a note we received from Ms. Talley this afternoon.

Trudy and Virginia,
It was so nice to meet you today. Thank you for coming to the school to pick up the balls. Below is the brief description that should appear on our website with some photos in the next few days:

On May 31st, Bryn Mawr's fourth grade class proudly presented Trudy and Virginia with 25 colorful soccer balls and a check for $205.00. The fourth grade students voted to support the project, "Eric's Goal," among others, using the proceeds from their International Bazaar. The soccer balls are bound for Iraq where they will be distributed to Iraqi children by serviceman.

I'll send the check to you, Trudy, as soon as I receive it. Best of luck, and I hope that Eric stays safe.

Cristin Talley

Thank you again to Mrs. Talley, the 4th grade class, and the staff of Bryn Mawr School, for your generosity and positive comments! You lifted us up with your kindness!

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