Sunday, June 18, 2006

News & a new total!

First of all, thanks to the recent contribution of 57 (!) soccer balls by Fran Duffy and friends from Long Island, New York (including her daughter Meghan Duffy in Wisconsin and friends Patricia Bolen and Brooks Kuykendall in South Carolina), we have crossed the 1,500 mark!! Our current total is 1,528 soccer balls collected. Good work team, keep them rolling in!

In other news, we are in the process of making Eric's Goal into a non-profit corporation with tax exemption status. We have the corporation status, as Eric's Goal Inc. and are working on the tax exemption status with the help of Eric's cousin Carolyn (thanks to Carolyn and husband Craig for sponsoring us in this and helping with research). We will also be acquiring a P.O. Box for donations to Eric's Goal and posting that address here.

This effort has been very exciting and fulfulling for all of us, as we hope it has been for you. We enjoy the personal interactions and knowing your stories. Eric is also able to read your stories as they are posted here and on the family website. We hope that all of our efforts will have a similarly positive effect on the lives of the Iraqi children!

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