Monday, June 05, 2006

SOCCER SHACK Scores Again!

John McHugh and Hope Lookingland of Soccer Shack, located in Bel Air, MD continue to amaze us with their collection of donations for Eric's Goal! Today alone the Soccer Shack has contributed another 10 jerseys, 8 shorts, and 1 T-shirt! The equipment and clothing is both used and new. We have been packing up and shipping out the goods nearly as fast as we receive them.

I've done a quick addition of their totals and this is what they have collected thus far:

62 soccer balls / 76 pr of cleats / 24 shin guards
29 team vests / 1 net bag / 7 cloth bags
8 goalie gloves / 49 pr socks / 58 jerseys
2 jackets / 11 pr shorts / 5 pr pants
18 T-shirts / 1 compression sleeve
15 cones / 37 silver and 26 gold medals.

Isn't that impressive? Hope & John, we can't thank you enough. Knowing that the Iraqi children will be using this equipment must make you both smile as much as it does the rest of us, including Eric and the Iraqi children!

Thank you again to John, Hope and SOCCER SHACK for all you do to make this world a better place!

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