Thursday, October 19, 2006

Blue jeans for soccer balls: A fair trade!

At Booz Allen Hamilton in MD (a global consulting firm headquartered in McLean, Virginia) the employees normally wear the usual office attire. But once a month they have a Jeans Day. On that day, everyone who wants to wear jeans pays $2. The collected funds are then donated to a pre-selected charity. Thanks to Booz Allen employee Summit Sampat, Eric's Goal was the charity chosen for July's Jeans Day!

Summit learned about Eric's Goal through his good friend Ginny (Eric's fiancee) and decided to nominate us for the Jeans Day collection. The Jeans Day was a huge success, with Booz Allen Hamilton employees donating $295 for Eric's Goal! While the cost of participating in Jeans Day was $2, many people donated far more. Eric's Goal used this money to buy soccer balls and equipment as well as to pay for postage.

Our thanks to Summit and everyone at Booz Allen Hamilton! We applaud your monthly efforts to donate funds to worthy causes. Thank you for helping us to work toward Eric's Goal of 5,000 soccer balls for the Iraqi children! Your support is greatly appreciated and will help tremendously in our efforts.

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