Sunday, October 29, 2006

Easton Volunteer Fire Department, MD - new drop off location for Eric's Goal

Shirley has received several calls from people who are interested in donating a soccer ball but live miles from Stevensville, MD where her barber shop is located. Someone suggested we locate a facility to provide us with a drop of location in the Easton area of MD's Eastern Shore.

On Wed 10-24-06, Shirley and Trudy drove down to Easton, MD. Their first stop was Easton Volunteer Fire Department. Here they introducted themselves and Eric's Goal to Carol Prettyman, Administrator. They could not have been received in a friendlier, more helpful way. Carol obtained permission to assist us. Then, Larry, the secretary suggested a local place to purchase a large box and this was placed in the lobby. The men plan to wrap the box in white paper and post our posters and newspaper article on it for all who are interested to see.

You can now drop off soccer balls and or equipment at the:

315 Aurora Park Drive
Easton, MD 21601

Monday through Friday, 7AM to 11PM

Thank you Carol and all of the members of Easton Volunteer Fire Department!

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