Monday, October 23, 2006

Operation Labor of Love

Today Eric's Goal received a very generous donation from another group of people with big hearts who have been working hard this year to provide Iraqi children with toys. Their project is called Operation Labor of Love ( and was started by Tammie Gates, who's husband was recently deployed in Iraq.

Tammie and her friends set a specific timeline on their operation and worked hard all summer to collect and send toys and other equipment over to Iraq. As their operation started to wind down, Tammie was left with quite a chunk of change and decided to donate it to Eric's Goal!

I met Tammie through the MSSN - Military Spouse Support Network ( which is a forum I belong to, to give and get support from women who are in the same situation as me; having our dearly beloved 'significant others' away at war. I had posted about Eric's Goal onto the MSSN and Tammie contacted me for suggestions on how to run her operation.

We traded some tips and ideas and both operations have ultimately been very successful, which really shows how gracious and supportive the American public can be! Thanks so much to Tammie and all those who worked so hard on Operation Labor of Love. Thank you for thinking of Eric's Goal; we will be able to buy a lot of soccer balls with your generous donation!

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