Sunday, October 21, 2007

Towson Recreation Council - Girls Soccer Teams - Donations update!

Again we would like to thank Jennifer Bolster and the TRC Girls Soccer Teams for their huge collection soccer balls and equipment for the Iraqi kids! Here are the totals of their donations:

215 soccer balls, 9 other balls, 1 baseball glove, 4 net bags, 1 cloth bag, 16 pr. shin guards, 3 pr ankle guards, 10 pr goalie gloves, 10 cones, 8 pair cleats, 8 pennies, 5 caps, 83 t-shirts, 1 pr pants, 65 jerseys, 263 pr soccer shorts, 29 pr socks

The Iraqi children will be enjoying all of the donations that the American military will be delivering. Thank you again!!!!!!!!!

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