Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pete Noell's Fantastic Collection for Eric's Goal

Pete Noell who lives near Philadelphia, PA collected a van load of soccer balls, uniforms and equipment for the Iraqi children!
Many thanks to Pete, the Langhorne Athletic Assoc, Mapel Point Middle School, and Pete's friend at Boeing for their contributions! Check out the chart below with the listing of all of the donations collected!

Pete's son Nick, who is a Langhorne striker, helped with the collection. And his daughter Kristin wrote "Peace" in English and Arabic on the soccer balls! Our thanks to Nick & Kristin for their participation in this incredible collection!

This brings our total number of soccer balls collected for the Iraqi children to 3,552!
Many thanks to Pete, Nick & Kristin Noell, Pete's friend from Boeing, Mapel Point Middle School and the Langhorne Athletic Association for your generous donations! Our thanks to each individual for your contribution. You will brighten the lives of many Iraqi children!

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