Thursday, February 14, 2008

Olmstead Falls Boys Soccer Team, Olmstead Ohio

The Olmstead Falls Boys Soccer Team, from Olmstead Ohio, and Head Soccer Coach James Walchanowicz have made a very generous donation to Eric's Goal!

Their contribution of 61 jerseys and 37 pair of shorts will be sent to Iraq in care of Chaplain Englehardt, for distribution to the Iraqi children.

Coach Walchanowicz is also helping us to locate soccer nets to donate to the Iraqi children. Chaplain Englehardt's commander has requested nets for goals they are making for a soccer field for the Iraqi people. We will keep you posted on the progress in this area. Any photos received will be posted as well.

Thank you Olmstead Falls Boys Soccer Team and Coach Walchanowicz! We are proud to have so many fine young Americans join us in this project to help the Iraqi children and bolster Iraqi and American relationships!

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Coach Walchanowicz said...

We would love to see a picture of the uniforms once they reach Iraq if it is at all possible.