Sunday, September 21, 2008

****Ian Bilofsky's Bar Mitzvah Project Update****

Ian Bilofsky of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania diligently collected donations for Eric's Goal for over eight months! He did an absolutely amazing job and we are very proud to be the recipients of his efforts. Imagine all of the Iraqi children who will benefit by Ian's generosity and hard work!

Ian first contacted us in January 2008. During the duration of his project, Ian communicated with us through seven e-mails as well as written notes in the boxes he sent. During May 2008 Ian's Mom sent five e-mails while Ian recovered from an Appendectomy! Nothing holds Ian Bilofsky down! He was back on his feet again very quickly and continued with his project as well as school and other responsibilities! As all of you who have organized a drive for Eric's Goal know, it is a lot of work. What an amazing young man Ian is, to continue his project for such an extended period.

In "How to Choose a Mitzvah Project for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah" article by Naomi Eisenberger, found on web site, Ms. Eisenberger advises young people on choosing their own project and on the results they will achieve. Two statements were especially applicable to Ian and his project. The first, "...many more people can benefit from our happiness and joy." The second, " will see how many other people's lives have been changed because you cared and you care."

Ian exudes happiness and joy and thousands of children are benefiting from his efforts at this moment. Ian may not be able to see just how many people whose lives he has touched, but I hope in his heart he is rewarded with even more joy! His efforts have had a domino effect - one lead to the next, and the next, and the next!

Ian has supported our American Military men & women as well and they are very grateful, as you can see by the previous posts of e-mails and letters we have received. Ian's contributions allowed us to purchase and send 100 brand new soccer balls!!! The monetary donations also covered the postage for shipping everything he collected as well as the shipping for other soccer ball drives!

Below is the incredible tally of the totals of all items from Ian's Bilofsky's Bar Mitzvah Project for Eric's Goal:

Soccer balls: 67
Cleats/shoes: 17
Shin guards: 16
Vests: 15
Cones: 136
Net bags: 2
Cloth Bags: 8
Goalie gloves: 3 pr.
Socks: 25 pr.
Jerseys: 72
Shorts: 18
T-shirts: 72
Corner flags: 2
Medals: 39
Coaching Starter Bags: 8
Monetary Donations: $1,098.00

Thank you again Ian Bilofsky for choosing to support the children of Iraq and America's Military men and women through Eric's Goal, for your Bar Mitzvah Project. You have done and incredible job. You are a credit to your family and to America! It has been an honor to work with you!


The Staff of ERIC'S GOAL

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