Saturday, September 13, 2008


Due to our recent move, we have been a bit out of touch on our blog - please excuse our neglect! However, we have been very busy and active. We will have upcoming posts to give you all information on the last six months of activity.

With great thanks to all of you, we have continued to send many soccer balls and equipment to our soldiers in Iraq for distribution to the Iraqi children. Pictures to be posted in the near future.

Below is an update of our totals since the beginning of Eric's Goal in 2005:

Soccer Balls: 4,551
Pumps: 127
Shoes: 291
Team vests: 336
Cones: 193
Net Bags: 26
Cloth Bags: 30
Gloves: 35
Socks: 462
Jerseys: 887
Jackets: 9
Shorts: 942
Pants: 13
T- shirts: 370
Corner Flags: 3
Electric Pump: 1
Trophies: 4
Kid's Soccer Kit: 1
Medals: 93
Soccer Nets: 9
Monetary Donations (used to cover purchases of soccer balls & pumps & cover postage):

We have worked with an amazing number of generous and giving people. I only wish the news media would focus on the good of so many - those who are here in the U. S. and our incredible young men and women in Iraq and elsewhere that go above and beyond their duties to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Our thanks to all of you for your work and donations. And an even bigger thank you to our troops who make the time to reach out to the Iraqi people! We are so proud of you all and honored to be working with you!!!!!!!!!

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