Thursday, April 20, 2006

The over-700 club

Well, we're now at 700+ soccer balls with more rolling in every day (ha ha)!

Ginny (Eric's fiancee) recruited some friends in Colorado to help and here's what one of them had to say:
"I am always willing to help and be a part of something good for the world. Even if it makes the tiniest difference, count me in! Thanks for the opportunity to help with this fun and meaningful project. If you ask me, this is what is important in the world. Thanks to you and Eric for taking on this wonderful endeavor in the first place! What a difference you have made!" -Grace in Colorado

Adrienne in MD responded to one of the newspaper articles:
"Thanks to your son and you for your work. It proves once again that one person can make a difference." As Eric's Aunt Cookie says, "one person can make a difference" is a great motto for our effort!

We are very thankful to Grace, Adrienne, and to all of those who have been so generous as to donate balls, equipment, money and time to this effort. Please check out the Photos link to the left to see some of our helpers with their collections!

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