Friday, April 21, 2006

Thank you letter

We continue to have wonderful people doing great things to help out with this goal and hopefully add some enjoyment to the lives of Iraqi children.

The following is the letter sent to the Norwood School in Bethesda, MD on behalf of the Savage Boys & Girls Club (and the Zilka family) in thanks for their donation:

"Dear Sir/Madam:

On behalf of the Savage Boys and Girls Club, Inc., it is with tremendous appreciation and heartfelt gratitude that I would like to thank you for your most recent and generous donation of 50 soccer balls, in support of our “Eric’s Goal” program to collect & send used soccer balls and equipment overseas to the children of Iraq.

Eric is currently serving in Iraq, and he recently wrote to family members, to let them know that the #1 thing he’d like for us to send him are soccer balls and any equipment required for playing soccer (such as nets, jerseys, boots and gloves) to distribute to the kids in his region.

Eric’s unit is currently planning to build a soccer field and start organizing soccer teams and eventually, a soccer league.

Used equipment is as good as new, because the soldiers can give them to Iraqi children and tell them that a person in the U.S. wanted them to have it. We thank you for helping us collect soccer equipment, new or used, to send Eric so that he and his fellow soldiers can distribute them to these deserving kids.

Here is a quote from Eric’s recent email: “I think you would all agree that a soccer ball is more than a material gift - it allows a child (or adult) to do more than just play, it allows them to participate with others, learn team work, accept and conquer small challenges, and build their minds and bodies a little bit.”

Thanks in advance for your kind support!"

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