Saturday, August 05, 2006

Berkeley Donations to Eric's Goal!

We offer our thanks for the generous donations raised by soccer player and enthusiast Tim Wagner, of Berkeley, California. Tim raised $460 for Eric's Goal in addition to collecting used equipment (shin guards, jerseys and balls) from his soccer buddies. I'm sure the Iraqi children will put the equipment to good use. The monies will be used to pay for postage and to buy more equipment.

Here are some pictures of Tim playing pickup soccer, on the beach no less! Tim is the one holding the ball in the team photo.

Tim learned of Eric's Goal through Eric's brother-in-law Kevin, who was on one of the pickup teams on which Tim plays. Tim continues to make efforts to collect donations for Eric's Goal. His enthusiasm has been inspiring to us!

We also extend our thanks to the following folks, all of whom contributed to Tim's collection: Aldi Haryopratomo, Andrew Brown, Andrew McNichol, Angela Roles, Bill Briscoe, Brad Bowen, Brian McManus, Buck Kopec, Cat Poon, Chelle Stearns, Christopher Kimmins, Chrystal Carden, Chuck Furtado, David Roles, David Stearns, Diego Arana, Eddy Nahmias, Elisa Paredes, Farhad Fouladi, Frank Boyle, Gandhi Ahimsaputra, Helen Kopec, Jason DeCamp, Jason Villasenor, John Freeman, John Mittelbach, Kazusa Toda, Kevin Woods, Kjeld Pedersen, Marlene Roles, Mayumi Levesque, Moni Orife, Nick Roles, Nico Blanchard, Oliver Wienand, Richard Mills, Robert Wagner, Spencer Campbell, Tim Wagner, Trudy Roles, Tyrone Schieszler, Yonatan Godefa.

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