Sunday, August 13, 2006

Soccer Balls from Peg Michie in MD

When Peg Michie heard about Eric's Goal, she decided to join our efforts, and that lead her to our dear friends at The Soccer Shack in Bel Air, MD. Peg wanted everyone to know that John McHugh gave her a "2 for 1 deal on the balls, & the needles & pumps were given free." Thanks Peg for the 10 balls, 5 needles and the pumps (which should come in shortly) and also for money to cover postage to Eric in Iraq. Peg included a note with the message "Go USA!". Thank you Peg for your generous donation! And thanks also to John McHugh at The Soccer Shack for your continued support! Eric, the Iraqi kids and the American soldiers appreciate your contribution!

Addendum: 9-16-06
Peg's brother and sister-in-law, Bob & Ellen Herrera generously donated 10 soccer balls to Eric's Goal for the Iraqi children. Peggy did the purchasing for them from the Soccer Shack. While there Peg received a box of 6 pairs of soccer shoes/cleats collected by the Soccer Shack (from the Fallston In-house clinic)!

Thanks to Bob & Ellen for your thoughtfulness and to the Soccer Shack for their many donations of collected goods for the Iraqi kids! We will pack them all up and send them out today to Eric for distribution to the Iraqi children!

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