Thursday, August 31, 2006

Doug Bishop Interviews Eric

Doug Bishop is not only a teacher, but also a reporter. He writes for The Kent Island Bay Times. On June 28, 2006, Doug wrote the article Have a ball in Iraq as noted in our last posting. Doug's article inspired many people to make donations of soccer balls to Eric's Goal, through Aunt Shirley at The Old Stevensville Barber Shop.

We are happy to report that Eric has been home for a little R & R (rest & recuperation)! During his visit home, Eric & Doug met for the first time. Doug interviewed Eric for a follow-up article which is expected to be printed within the next couple of weeks.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Doug for his wonderful article and his interest in Eric's Goal. He has helped us all to join together to support our American soldiers and to work for the good of the Iraqi children as well.

Thank you Doug for all the good you do, for us and others! We wish there were more reporters like you in this world!

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