Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Old Stevensville Barbershop, Eastern Shore of MD Collects Soccer Balls for Iraqi Children

Owners Shirley Crook and Charlie Bronson have been busily collecting soccer balls to send to Iraq. Shirley is Eric's aunt, and when she heard about his goal of 5,000 soccer balls for the Iraqi kids, Aunt Shirley got involved! Soon after the Bay Times ran an article on her efforts titled "Have a ball in Iraq" dated June 28, 06 by Doug Bishop. Doug did an excellent job of explaining the purpose of Eric's Goal and his many connections to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The article boasts a photo of Shirley and Charlie with a box in their shop for soccer ball donations.

Shirley and Charlie have been actively talking up Eric’s Goal and collecting soccer balls ever since. To date they have sent over 250 soccer balls to Eric in Iraq! Shirley said a dear lady saw the shipping people packing up her boxes and asked what that was all about. When she heard about Eric’s Goal she donated $10 toward postage. And a coach who is an old Marine donated $20. This helped pay for the postage and for 4 pumps as well! One hundred of the soccer balls came from Jessie Simmera from the Annapolis Soccer Club and were signed by the kids who donated them. Another 136 were received from the Kent Island Youth Soccer League. Charlie helped Shirley deflate all the balls for shipping. Hearing all about the kind people Shirley has been encountering really lifts your spirits! One story Shirley told was about an old soldier who graduated from West Point in 1949. He said he had his uniform ready but they didn’t call him for this war. He told Shirley, “Tell that nephew of yours that I’m rooting for him!” He served our country for about 35 years. I know that Eric will enjoy these stories as well as the rest of us!

Thanks Shirley, and Charlie too!!! You are doing a super job!!! And many thanks to Doug Bishop for writing such a clear, honest, and heart warming article!

Our thanks to the Annapolis Soccer Club, the Kent Island Youth Soccer League and the Kent Island and Eastern Shore Communities for your generous donations and support!

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