Sunday, December 10, 2006

Old Stevensville Barber Shop and Easton Volunteer Fire Department Donations Take The Total to 2,713 Soccer Balls!!!!

Between sending the 108 soccer balls dropped off at her shop in Stevensville and driving down to Easton to pick up 40 more soccer balls at the Easton Volunteer Fire Department, Eric's Aunt Shirley isn't getting much rest lately! She is getting donations faster than she can send them to Iraq!

The Eastern Shore of MD donations bring us to a new total of 2,713 soccer balls thus far!

Our thanks to Shirley Crook for her constant work for the children of Iraq. Shirley is incredibly kind and sweet and totally dedicated to helping with Eric's Goal. We can't possibly thank her enough for all she does. Shirley's attitude is so positive that it rubs off on eveyone around her!

Many thanks to Shirley and to all of our contributors on the Eastern Shore of Maryland!!!!

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