Friday, December 22, 2006

Perry Hall United Methodist Church

Betty Shock heard about our project earlier this year and was determined to help Eric meet his goal. Being an incredibly giving and kind person, Betty decided to approach Perry Hall United Methodist Church where she is a long time member. They very kindly agreed to help. Fellow member Bunny Barker became involved and began looking for companies who would help with this effort. Bunny is the person responsible for contacting Sports Authority. She then put us in contact with Alice Clement of Sports Authority, who in turn offered to ship soccer balls to Iraq for $10.00 each (see our article dated 10/04/06).

The ladies were able to place an article in their church bulletin in November 2006 titled Soccer Balls for Iraq Children, which requested donations. To our amazement as well as theirs, the Perry Hall United Methodist Church collected a total of $591.00 for this purpose! They also donated a soccer ball which will be shipped with the next group of donated balls. We would like to thank all of the members of Perry Hall United Methodist Church for their generous donations. Special thanks to Betty Shock and Bunny Barker for your incredible efforts and thoughtfulness. The Iraqi children will be so pleased to receive the soccer balls your donations will purchase!

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