Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Message from a soldier:

Even during this holiday season, our military are not only protecting our country, but taking time out to hand out soccer balls to the Iraqi children. Below is a quote from one of the soldiers we recently sent soccer balls to. Adam is employing the assistance of Marines to distribute the balls we sent to him.

"You guys are doing great things. Obviously you can see only so much in a picture; to see/feel these children’s faces light up when they see a soccer ball is something that cannot be conveyed in a picture or words. You have brought joy to the lives of so many that are less fortunate than us. Keep up the good work and please pass along my gratitude to my other friends at ERIC’S GOAL, INC.

Sincerely, Adam"

Adam is going to send photos once they are forwarded to him, and we will post them for you!

Many thanks to Adam and to his U. S. Marine friends as well! May you all have a safe and Merry Christmas! And may you know how much we all appreciate you today and every day!

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