Sunday, December 30, 2007

More equipment distributed to kids!

We received an email today regarding the soccer balls and equipment that we recently sent out to various US soldiers around Iraq. James, a friend of Eric's currently deployed in Iraq, was sent seven boxes of soccer balls, cleats, shin guards, jerseys, shorts, socks and other equipment to distribute.

He tells us that the equipment arrived safely and he and his men started distributing it as soon as possible.

James says "We distributed the soccer equipment through the Neighborhood Administrative Council in our area last week. A local soccer team received most of the equipment, particularly the shin guards, cleats, and group equipment, and we passed out the remainder to other local kids and teens. The Iraqi Army also helped out."

He goes on to say "We received a very positive response, and it's helped us out a lot by strengthening our relationship with the local government."

Thanks so much to James and his men for their help in distributing equipment and soccer balls to the kids of Iraq. It's so great to hear that the Iraqi Army was also helping and that it was a team effort to distribute the equipment!

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